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Child’s Play is A Magical Education

In order to learn, your child needs to play. It has been scientifically proven that advancements in academic skills is directly related to the amount of creative play a child is allowed to do. Your child’s memory, language skills, social skills, mechanical skills and problem solving skills are all dependent on how much time your child spends playing “pretend”.


The sad thing is that today’s parents put more focus on academic skills which has directly the opposite effect in creating intelligent children. By allowing your child to play make-believe, you are encouraging your child to develop the skills necessary to grow your child’s brain power. You may not think that having your little one create a superman costume from a towel for a cape and a superman t-shirt is a learning experience, but the thought process that happens as he plans his play is the same process he will later need to plan a school science project.


Helene Goldnadel believes that giving your toddler a ride on toy can spark their imagination to include all different scenarios and situations as well as develop motor skills. She can now drive to work, go on vacations and explore the world all within her imagination. Do not underestimate the knowledge she is gaining through creative play.


When you add in a sibling or play partner, the knowledge increases. Playing “pretend” with more than one player helps your child learn effective communication skills. He will have to explain why this playhouse is now a fire station and the ride on toy is a fire engine and how they will work together to put out a fire; and then why the playhouse is now a school and he is the teacher and his friend and toys are the students.


Playing pretend helps your children become effective negotiators, communicators and creative thinkers. Their memory develops through all of the planning and sequencing they do in their minds that directly relate to how they plan their activities.


A playhouse and a box of “dress-up” clothes can be the best educational toy you can ever give your child. Forget the electronic gadgets and “genius” toys. If you want to invest in your child’s academic future, give them a playhouse and play kitchen. Your child will be head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the children who’s parents are focusing on creating a genius.


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