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Empowering Your Child To Succeed

Superman, Batman, Cat women… These are only imaginary characters. The real heroes are the people there for you day in and day out.


Unfortunately, the most popular kids on campus are admired and respected. And if you dare to over-step your boundaries you risk being foolish and un-cool. Just because someone is bigger or their parents richer, doesn’t mean they deserve respect. Kids that are stronger and bigger are usually bullies.


What our children respect and admire are the superheroes; they are larger than life and have super-powers. The parents that work every day at jobs they don’t enjoy are not respected, or so it would seem. When a parent has obstacles or disappointments they don’t give up, they can only keep rolling with the punches. Children usually don’t respect and admire these traits, until they are grown and have kids of their own. Then, they realize how difficult being a good parent and role model is.


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Trust is an important part of love. When toddler’s lie you may think it’s cute, but the older they get the bigger the lies. Teach them trust is hard to rebuild once broken. Don’t promise a child anything unless you’re certain you can follow through. Keep your promises, if you don’t you’ll be considered a liar and unreliable. Be a good role model and trustworthy.


A child will not respect you if you don’t show them respect. Show interest in their education and activities. Compliment them when they complete their homework. Reward them when they make the right choices and reach their goals. The reward doesn’t have to be expensive, a hug or praise will suffice.


Get to know their friends, make sure they have desirable moral standards. Communicate with your child; find out if they’re having difficulties. Don’t belittle any problems they might have. Help them resolve these issues, don’t ignore them!


Don’t make a child feel responsible for your stress or unhappiness. It’s your job to give them the necessities in life. Even if a child was a mistake, this is your responsibility. Don’t make a child feel like a burden.


Love should be unconditional, especially regarding children. Always be generous with your love, the more you give the more you will receive.


Put yourself in their shoes, how would you want to be treated and raised? Be their superhero; reliable, dependable and unstoppable!


It is a parent’s duty to help their child develop a healthy ego. Don’t call them negative names and also forgive them for their transgressions. You must correct misbehavior, but don’t degrade or humiliate them. If you instill a positive self image it will be easier for them to achieve success. In order to raise a happy and successful child you must empower them.


Helene Goldnadel says that as a good parent you may not be a superhero, but you will be in your child’s eyes.

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