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Helping Your Child Make the Best of Himself, Or Herself

There are ways we, as parents, can help our child grow and develop to become a great person. We all want that for our child, but do we do all we can to help them do that?

Here are a few effective ways by Helene Goldnadel to help your child grow:


Love - love you child unconditionally. Weather he does his homework or not, cleans his room or not. Your love should be way beyond these things. Your child will notice that.


Tell them you love them - Just tell them “I love you”, a few times a day. If you find that difficult, you only need it more.


Believe - have faith in your child’s abilities and potential. Tell him that you do believe in him and his ability. There is no better way to grow a potent adult than believing in him totally.


Set an example - This way your child can learn about the right and wrong straight from your behavior. Always remember that a child will learn whether you set a good or a dab example.


Commend your child every time he acts in a way you find to be a good way. Commending him insures he will act that way the nest time, too.


Tell them what you see as good features - if you think that generosity is a good feature to have, tell that to your child, and commend them each time they act in a generous way.


Remember that each child is different - let every child develop in his unique way and remember that an approach that is good for one child is not suitable for the other one.


Stay positive - Tell your child what’s good, not what’s bad. For example, tell them that “being polite will bring you better results in life” instead of telling them that: “being rude will get you nowhere in life”


Take a few seconds before you say something to your child - Especially when they did something wrong, pay closer attention to what you’re saying to your child. What’s the smartest thing you can tell him right now?


Tell your child a story that has a positive message for life. I still remember the stories I was told when I was a child and the effect they had on me!


Try to establish a peaceful environment in your home - this will have a lasting effect on the kind of person your child will grow to be.


Look at other parents and learn - take the good things and think how you can implement them with your child. Take the bad things and beware not to do that to your child.


Ask yourself each day – How can I be a better parent?


Being a better parent is not always easy but it have a lasting effect on how your child will grow and develop. Most parents just go with the flow. Don’t be like that. Make an effort to being a better parent. The rewards are priceless.

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