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Helene Goldnadel on Improving Your Child Behavior

Kids are temperamental and moody. They behave badly sometimes while at others they may surprise us with exceptionally good behavior. They can do annoying things like yelling, slamming the door, being disobedient, fighting with other children, not eating food etc. As a parent, you are sometimes confused and frustrated when faced with such behavior. You are at your wit’s end and don’t know what to do to correct the situation. Isn’t it? There are many ways of dealing with negative child behavior and correcting it. The most common route taken by parents is to shout at the kids and punish them. But in most cases, this is totally wrong and ineffective approach. Here are a few tips by Helene Goldnadel to improve child’s behavior:


1) Bonding with the kids - Children and parents should share a special loving bond. You should not only be a parent but also be a friend to your kids. A healthy, loving relationship is very important for your child’s healthy social development. Your kids need to feel loved. So, make sure you repeatedly show to your kids that you love them a lot.


You should convey love through both action and words. When you say to them that you love them a lot, pay attention to your tone of voice and facial expressions. All these are important. Next, you need to confirm whatever you are saying through your actions as well. Take out time for your kids. Play with them, take them out and have fun with them. Even if you are very busy, try to take out time for your family at least on weekends. Your kids should not feel neglected. This can result in the child developing an inferiority complex of some sort. When kids feel and believe that their parents truly love them, they will love and respect you in return. They will listen to you and obey you.


2) Ignoring - You don’t have to always react to their negative behavior. If it is not something big or dangerous, you can ignore it at least for the time being. If your kid is normally well behaved, and only occasionally acts in a disagreeable manner, then it is best to ignore it. You might bring up that incident later on when the child is in a happy mood. During such times, you can explain to him in a loving manner that his behavior at that time was not appropriate and he should try to avoid repeating the mistake in future.


3) Show by example - Kids learn things by watching their adults. If their parents behave in a bad manner or have unhealthy habits, they are likely to pick up the same. So you have to be responsible and watchful in front of your kids. The best way to teach them good manners is to lead by example.


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