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Helene Goldnadel on Building a Child’s Character

Sooner or later, if we choose not to be single for life, we will become parents- mothers or fathers. When we already have a child, our responsibility in the family broadens. That means, an added responsibility is placed on our shoulders and there is no way we can skip or pass it to others. Parenting is the task parents will be assigned to as a command from God, the government, and human love and conscience. What is parenting all about?

Parenting is the process of helping and assisting a child in physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual development. Parenting seems to be a tough task, isn’t it? It’s true. Being parents is not to be taken for granted. Not only that physical needs are to be provided by the parents as the food, the clothing, and the shelter. Emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects are also to be fed and developed. That is character building.

Be good examples. Parents should spend more time with their children. If they don’t, there are less chances of injecting a good influence to them. As persons in early age and with limited knowledge, they fill up their minds with the things that they see and hear. If a kid is left most of the time to a nagging house maid, more likely the child will be a nagger when he or she grows up.

Parents must show good examples in what they say and do. What the child hears, is what he or she will speak. What a child see, is what he or she will do. Words and actions that show love or portray nice manners must be the ones that the child will hear and sea.

Be a teacher. Mothers are called the first teachers and the home is the school. It is right there that the child learns values and virtues aside from the lessons of ABC. Being teachers, a mother must impose instruction. She must be the one to be followed, not the one to follow. Some children become spoiled because parents are carelessly giving them all they want though it’s already superfluous. Parents must teach the child to obey a “no”.

Implement discipline. Kids are getting spoiled and liberated when parents will not make a disciplinary actions to unwanted behaviors and disobedience. In any good way, show the child that doing wrong will not be tolerated. In this way, he or she will more likely remember to avoid doing the same mistakes again.

For those about to become parents, prepare well for the position of being a father or a mother. What your child will become rests much upon you. Oh, how happy it is to see a great man or woman someday out of your successful parenting

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