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Teaching Music to Kids – Why Not Have Fun With It?

It’s a popular perception of majority of elders, that encouraging kids to learn music is absolute wastage of time. Parents believe that children ought to instead focus on academic learning rather than diverting time and energy towards learning music. Nevertheless, little do parents realize that musical education is as critical as normal studies. In fact, musical education is known to contribute more towards all round learning and growth of kid than academics education.


If your child wants to learn to play a musical instrument. He or she is really excited about the idea. Either this, or you decide that you want to get your child involved in playing SOMETHING. Once you decide on which instrument, your challenge is to keep up the excitement level for your child. In the beginning, this is really difficult because many kids lose interest once they discover how hard it is to master an instrument, and they don’t have the discipline to practice every day. In addition, the method courses available do not take this in mind.


Helene Goldnadel a life coach and a music teacher says that music is a universal language. Before a child can truly appreciate what he or she is about to undertake, at least some idea of this “passion for music” needs to be instilled. How?


It starts with making it fun. The problem is that most courses make no attempt to do so. A child must learn to read music and must learn to play the “right” way. The learning material is dry or even insipid. This needs to be changed. Yes, it is important to learn good technique, and it may even be necessary (because of the instrument) to learn how to read. But how much of this has to happen at the very beginning when your child has this shiny new “thing” in his or her hands and is revved up about learning to play it?


For goodness sakes, in the beginning make it fun first. Get the kid able to play something. There’s plenty of time to learn how to read music if the child decides to, or if circumstances require it – such as being part of a school orchestra or marching band.


We will be able to get more kids involved in making music if we can only show them how much fun it really is. Will this work all of the time? Of course not,. but we can certainly try to increase the percentages.

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