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Key Benefits Competitive Dancing Offers Your Child Discussed by Helene Goldnadel

Do you feel like your child has done exceptionally well with his/her recreational dance classes and feel like it may be time to take this hobby up to the next level? Many parents, having watched as their children excel in dance classes, have wondered the same thing. They find themselves wondering if their little ones are ready to take things up a notch and participate in a more competitive environment.


Competitive Dance Classes and Teams Prove Beneficial For Many Young Dancers


Unfortunately, for many parents, the thought of allowing their children to engage in dancing competitions may initially prove challenging. Today’s “reality” television is riddled with various shows about competitive dancing with varying degrees of negativity. It’s important to remember that television’s version of reality often greatly differs from genuine real life experiences. For many young dancers, competing in dance meets proves a truly rewarding and beneficial experience.


Knowing The Benefits That Your Child Can Enjoy As A Competitive Dancer


When making the decision to put your child on a competitive dance team, it’s important to understand the many benefits that he or she will enjoy throughout the process. First and foremost, performing as part of a dancing team is a great way to further enhance and strengthen your youngster’s overall technique. Rather than participating in recreational dance classes with students of various talent and ability levels, your children will be learning steps and routines in their particular genre along with some of the most capable dancers at the studio. It’s a great way to truly raise the bar on their abilities as well as help them enjoy a true sense of accomplishment as they continue to learn and grow with a troupe.


Additionally, engaging in dancing competitions proves an ideal forum for children to learn what it takes and means to be part of a team. They’ll learn that individual efforts with a group are invaluable as they all work toward a common goal of getting better and stronger. Beyond dancing techniques, dancers will gain invaluable experience in socialization and contribution on a group level. They’ll also gain an understanding about respecting those around them as they work together throughout the competitive process.


What’s another major benefit for children engaging in meets and tournaments with their studio? Honing their self-discipline skills. Training and practicing for a meet requires impressive focus, dedication and motivation to ensure that everyone can come together for a final result they’ll be proud of. Best of all, when strengthening their self-discipline abilities, many children actually find themselves learning more about their own leadership capabilities as they positively influence other members of the team to also work hard and maintain a steady focus on results.


With so many extensive and diverse benefits, it’s easy to see why parents would want to encourage their child to take competitive dance classes when they are ready for it. Helene Goldnadel suggests when beginning the process of working with a troupe, always consult with your child’s current instructor. Your little one’s teacher is the perfect resource to let you know, from a professional standpoint, if your child is ready physically, socially and conceptually for this unique and rewarding dancing experience.


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