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How to Help Your Child Choose a Book?

Children do not always know how to select an appropriate book that they find interesting. Often the cover of the book or the topic of the book attracts their attention. They check out the book from the classroom, school, or community library without ever opening the book to see if it is going to hold their interest.


We can foster a love of reading by helping them choose appropriate books that they find interesting. Begin with a list of possible books or authors. Librarians and teachers are good resources for this. You can also find reading lists online. Helene Goldnadel suggests to not forgetting to take their interests into consideration. Find three to five of the books on the list. Then have the child choose one.


Once the book is chosen, open the book to a random page and have the child read it out loud to you. If it is a picture book, have them read a page. If it is a novel, have them read about one hundred words.


Use the five finger rule as the child reads. For each mistake, raise a finger. If the child misses five words (five fingers), then the reading level is probably too difficult. Gently point this out and go back to the other books that were originally selected. Repeat the process until an appropriate selection is made.


You should also check their comprehension. Many children can read the words without understanding their meaning. If the material of the book is too complex or sophisticated, encourage the child to choose a different book.


Reading often increases a child’s knowledge base and vocabulary. Helene Goldnadel observes that by helping the child choose appropriate, interesting books, a parent can help the child develop a lifelong love or reading that can directly impact their success as a student and even their career choice later in life.


Encourage children to talk about the books that they read. Read the same book as your child and you will find that you can have some really interesting conversation and make more of an impact on their comprehension of the reading material!

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